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Hire a Jukebox

Select from an extensive library of original hits on vinyl, cassette, CD or MP3

Vinyl, tape cassette, CDs and MP3 make up an extensive library of music available for your requests.

Orignal records, CD, and albums

Hiring a Jukebox is for a 24 hour period, delivered and set up at an agreed time well before the event and collected at an agreed time the next day*. Instructions are provided on how the Jukebox may be used, allowing you and your guests complete control over the music chosen.

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How does it work?

You can compose your own 50 CD collection (approx. 1,000 tracks) of music to be played from Speciality Jukebox Hire's extensive music library of original vinyl, cassette, CDs and MP3, enabling the jukebox to be stocked with your own individual choice of music for your special event or occasion.

The songs are listed on 50 "title cards" which are automatically turned at the touch of a button, so all you and your guests need to do is select your favourite tracks by entering the number of the CD (2 digits), then the track number (2 digits) - e.g. "CD 2, track 9" would be entered as "0 2 0 9".

The jukebox is set to 'free play' - no coins needed!!

The basic package includes 2 x Skytec 250w Active PA speakers, normally housed in the base platform beneath the Wurlitzer. If preferred, they can be mounted on individual stable, robust, speaker stands at either side of the Wurlitzer.

If you need the Wurlitzer Jukebox for a larger event or venue, i.e. for 60 or more guests, a selection of optional extras are available including;

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please enquire for more details.